RollerBagger Ready!

The patented RollerBagger with its plastic bag dispensing system temporarily stores and preserves your paint roller for up to one week before cleaning or disposal saving you time, money and less paint cleanup.

 The lightweight plastic construction of the RollerBagger allows it to be easily carried to any work area. Just attach the device to the bottom of your standard paint roller frame handle and the opposite end to a telescopic extension pole.

Ideal for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Painters.

  Seasons Greetings with free delivery within the U.S. via U.S. Postal Services Standard Delivery.   It's just our way of saying thank you for shopping with us.

Why Choose Us?

Because we believe in providing our customer with the tools to make each  painting experience easier.  

The construction, commercial, industrial and residential painters are professionals who have mastered a very important trade.  The techniques that are used by professionals painters and facility engineers on a daily bases are often unnoticed,   

These tradesmen and tradeswomen spend countless hours learning various painting techniques and are sent out into the commercial, private and government facilities to apply these mastered techniques.

We at RollerBagger Products & Services, LLC., continue to develop, test and manufacture simple to use but  practical tools for todays professional painters.   

Our first tool, The RollerBagger paint roller frame extension handle is measured at 13.5" in length and holds 60 plastic dispensable bags for your 9" roller cover.  The RollerBagger will also hold 42 plastic dispensable bags for your 12"-18" roller cover for up to a week before cleaning or disposal. 

We recommend the use of the RollerBagger for wood stains, water based paints and expoxy coatings.

Whether you are coating multiple floors for a new construction, old construction, private or government facility, its time to roll and save with the RollerBagger.